Sun 4th February

Whether you're a fan of American Football or not we're hosting a Super Bowl party not to be missed. Come join us to cheer on USA's most revered sporting event of the year in true British fashion, with a lock-in at your local east London boozer.

Starting from 11pm and going all the way through the night you can expect the best of Uncle Sam's exports - booze in red cups, plates piled high with delicious grub and red, white and blue galore!

The Super Bowl might not stop Trump being president, but it does give you an excuse to drink into the early hours of a Monday morning, and what's not to love about that?

So come and show us what you're made of - we're looking forward to seeing how long you can last!

£5 ticket guarantees entry with a complimentary drink.


Get in touch with [email protected] to reserve and area