Sunday roast with We Serve Humans at Leyton Star

We Serve Humans have been in business for just two years and in that time they have been making waves all over London. They excel at making naughty food to the highest standards.

Taking what is great about the classic burger and distilling it to its essence using only the finest ingredients.

Global CEO and Leyton resident Paul Human has been a chef for 20 years. When he was asked to provide the Sunday roast he was ready to put all that experience into making the finest example of a classic Sunday lunch.

As far as Paul is concerned; there are three key elements to a roast which must be right before it can be a Sunday roast. Fabulous quality meat from the finest British suppliers, excellent gravy and crisp, fluffy potatoes. Once he sourced, perfected and polished this trio Paul added his own personality to each dish. You will find truffled apple sauce schmoozing the belly pork and often see him in tears as he grates fresh horseradish to nuzzle alongside the blushing pink beef.

Relax, kick back, order a smashing bloody Mary and let the warmth of a perfect shoulder of lamb (braised in red wine overnight and served with Paul’s salsa verde) give you a massive hug.

Word is spreading about the dark chocolate fudge brownie. The recipe of which is a closely guarded secret, even Paul’s wife doesn’t know it. Paul makes them in the dead of night when nobody is around to disturb the method or steal his precious recipe. All he will say is that it is tattooed on a part of his body nobody wants to see.

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Every Sunday from 12pmt to 8pm